Bharti Patel

Bharti Patel

Ms. Bharti Patel is CEO of ECPAT UK, a leading children’s rights charity campaigning against child trafficking and transnational child exploitation. Bharti has more than

fifteen years’ experience working to address human rights abuses, leading

high-profile research, campaigning and advocacy organisations in the UK

and India. Bharti’s passion to challenge the root causes of child

exploitation and abuse underpins her leadership role with ECPAT UK,

where she has overseen important changes to law and policy in the area

of child protection and trafficking prevention. In the UK, Bharti’s prior

achievements include successfully lobbying for Britain’s first-ever national

minimum wage legislation and helping secure basic employment rights for

low-paid and part-time workers. In India, Bharti delivered sustainable

development programmes to strengthen food, water and livelihood

security for vulnerable communities. An accomplished speaker and writer,

Bharti has featured widely in the British print and broadcast media, and is regularly quoted in articles

on poverty, inequality, child trafficking and child protection.